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Your car has a "tandem" pump configuration. There is a single, belt driven assembly on front of the engine on the driver's side (normally, this is considered the "left" of the engine compartment)
Anyway, there are two pumps in one housing... they DO NOT share the same fluid. The black housing on the top of the assembly is the P/S fluid resevoir. You removed/turned the small black knob on top to read the dipstick for fluid level. The P/S fluid goes only to the P/S pump in the housing, which is located forward (right behind the pulley) on the pump shaft.
The rear section of the housing contains the pump for the leveling system. It uses hydraulic fluid. The resevoir is located on the driver's side under a removeable cover. The resevoir is semi-transparent. It has a small "push in" dispstick located on its top.
Bottom line: No, the fluids are NOT the same. I know folks use various fluids out of personal preference, but I wouldn't risk the seals, etc on anything other than MB approved fluids for these systems.
If it still seems confusing, let us know. I've got one of these "tandem" pumps on the shelf around here somewhere and can post a pix if necessary.
Good luck, KenP
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