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Bizzarro Overvoltage relay problem

As I had posted before, I have a hard start problem on my 85 190E, and looking through the archives saw that the overvoltage relay fuse is a common failure problem. So, I checked mine and sure enough it was blown. Easy fix! Or so I thought. When I tried to start it with a new fuse, it would not start at all unless I held the pedal to the floor, and then it just barely held an idle, like it was running on 2 cylinders. Hmmm. So back to the archives, and see it could be a possible fuel pump relay problem and then proceded to jumped the relay. No difference, relay works fine. Jumped the OVR, again no
change. I used circuits #30 and #87 for the jump. So, I pulled the fuse out and it starts right up, runs like it did before. So, how can the car not start WITH the fuse in, and start without it? Exactly what is the fuse activating to cause this? Any thoughts are welcome!

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