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I was thinking more along the lines of this:
Fuse in OVP blew for whatever reason (such as someone tried to jump it and it spiked the fuse, or someone momentarily crossed the jumper cables (wrong way), so for whatever reason the fuse blew. Technician came along, owner complains of driveabilty problem "ever since car was jump started", and tech, not thinking of actually testing something, starts screwing with the air flow sensor plate/mixture adjustment, which of course didn't fix anything since it's in FOM. Tech gives up on fixing it, now if you actually DO fix the car (by replacing the blown fuse) it runs so bad it won't even start because the mixture adjustment is wrong.
If you know where this adjustment is made, just out of curiousity is the little ball bearing gone that plugs off the top of the adjustment tower? That would sort of verify what I'm saying may have happened, as the tech probably left it all unsealed.

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