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Yes, by the air flow sensor, it's a sort of an aluminum finger that sticks up, it lines up with that hole in the air cleaner, actually it's the reason for the hole in the air cleaner.
Look on top of that, can you see a hex shape in the bottom of the hollow part or is there like a steel BB shoved in the top of it?
The BB is there as an anti-tamper blocking thingie, if it's missing it may be a fair bet that someone screwed with that adjuster screw and that's why it's not starting other than in FOM, the mixture is either too rich or too lean.
To do a rough adjustment to get it to at least run, look at the top of the airflow sensor plate, and also the bore of the air intake around this plate. You'll notice the bore has a taper to it, then it reaches a point where it's not tapered anymore, just like a very thin edge. The top of the airflow sensor plate should be right where that thin edge is, +- about 1mm. If it's way high or way below that edge, try adjsuting that screw in there to achieve that position and try it again with the fuse. Then you'll have to check the on/off ratio using a volt/ohm meter with duty cycle feature. At that point I'd need to consult with one of the other guys who've done this recently to make sure you set it correctly, the settings vary a little from year to year and I'm not certain I'd tell you the correct setting. (PS If you mess this (rough adjustment)up, don't worry, if you pull the fuse it'll still run)

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