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Welcome to the board.

With regards to buying advice for new cars have a search for my name as I've recently bought a '93 500SL and asked many questions here before. There are a great many helpful people here if you can't find any answers, just get typing!

Most people's preference is the 500 as it's a fantastic drive and isn't really that more heavy (compared to the 320) on fuel at all - according to published figures it's around 10%. Mine runs at 18MPG urban (10 minute drive every morning - that's got to be bad for her) and 26.5MPG on a run.

I would stay away from the 280 personally, as in my opinion, it's very underpowered! Go for the 500 - great choice.

The '94 is a good year but all european cars manufactured post '92 come with a cat so bear in mind this will need changing at some time in the future - although I'm not sure when!

In '95 the engine code changes again and I suspect this is when the more advanced diagnostic port was made available. '89 - '94 models came with 31 trouble codes that are accessible through a 9pin connector; which is still pretty handy ;-)

Good luck and keep us all informed.
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