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A quick update on the brakes.

Right now FastLane is out of the shims, but that is OK. Spring for the MB pads, at least for the front becuase the shims are integral to the pads. I ordered the PBR rear pad set w/shims and the MB front pads. Much to my surprise the MB pads have the shims attached. I guess that is why I didn't even think about them when I did my first pad change during the resurrection. The car did have MB pads all around when I drug it home, but I swapped to Bendix aftermarkets.

What I found as far as the squeal goes, it appears that once the pistons wore through the coating on the back plate of the pad, somehow the metal to metal contact of the piston to pad created the noise. The noise got worse as the brakes got warmer.

Another observation on the MB pads and sensors. With the Bendix pads I had a be-itch of a time getting the sensors in, seems the notch was just a little too small. Required some gentle pursuasion (can you say small hammer). With the MB pads, the sensors just snapped in with finger pressure.

No more squeal now, no matter how warm the brakes are .
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