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How concerned would you be?

Hi guys...first off...I am a new Mercedes owner...and I am smitten. I bought a 1988 300E and it is pristine. It looks and drives like a new car, only a few things concern me and I am looking to see if I should be worried about it.

1. Leaks a little transmission fluid, about 15 drops or less after driving, However the car shifts like a dream with the only problem being a 2-3 second delay before engaging from park to reverse.
The transmission dip stick shows that it is filled over the full line, could this be the culprit?

2. Leaks a little oil...again, only a handful of drops. Does not smoke or burn oil.

3. Rear end (not mine, the car!) tends to feel a little loose at highway speeds, like its being blown side to side by the wind..not excessively but a little noticeable, I think it is the bushings needing replaced?

I am mechanically retarded hence my posting. Should I lose sleep over these problems? This car is for play, I don't drive it often and I'd love to keep her for years...

Many thanks in advance! You guys ROCK!

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