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Boy I could write all night about FSS. I could also find lots of training literature on it as well. Let me just respond to a few questions and slight mis-statements:

Not sure about M119 or M104 cars. Did the R129 and W140 cars have FSS?
Yes, the last year or two of the 140, and last 4-5 years od the 129 had FSS.

I always disliked this kind of feature on my BMW's. At least with Mercedes you can reset it w/o taking it to a dealer.
If you know which 2 terminals to jump you can reset the BMW oil service or maintenance service lights, at least through the 80's and up into the 90's, not sure about current versions.

I believe the capacitance of the oil is measured. I also thought that the M111 engines included this feature. If not, it wouldn't recognize an interim oil change or topping up with fresh oil.
I believe "capacitance" is the term used in training. But I believe that the change in level is what makes the system recognize the addition of oil, not the change in quality, although it will notice the change in quality too. The sensor is both the level and quality senso, it does both jobs.

This covers not only the 3.2 liter V6 and 4.3 liter V8 but also the 2.4 and 2.3 Kompressor engines. They all have the same system.
The 2.4 is also a M112 engine, not a M111 Kompressor motor, just to clarify this.

None of these systems that I am aware of keep track of calendar time.
Yes, the FSS does keep track of time. The time can be programmed with the computer in the shop, I believe the setting from the factory is for 24 months. After the time setting has passed, you will see a small "clock" emblem (like an analog clock face) in the FSS display upon startup.

Mercedes have clearly implemented it because they want to keep the costs of so-called free maintenance to a minimum.
I agree with this, but only to a point; remember that FSS was introduced well before the Maintenance Commitment Plan was introduced. But it may have been a part of some "Evil Plan" for when it was introduced (being just slightly facetious here).

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