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You can ask, sure. I mean, the shop "can" do it. Like usual, it always kind of boils down to "will" they do it. I am unsure how this would affect the Maintenance Commitment Plan. Maybe if the claim is submitted before MB thinks the work should have been done, then the claim may be rejected. What I mean here is that this Maintenance Commitment Plan is considered "warranty work" to the dealerships, it's submitted to MB just as a defective switch would be; MB pays for the work. It may be the best plan to go ahead and pay for the "off schedule" oil change only, then after the car is out of warranty change the time od the change back to 1 year. I'm sorry I don't recall how "small" the time element can be set to. I don't think it would be able to go to 13 months, I think it's done in like 3 or 6 month intervals.

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