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w202 4cyl tranny leaking

ok so driving my 95 C220 (73k miles) and all of a sudden , i see smoke behind my car really bad. so i pull over and see tranny fluid leaking and dripping on to the exhaust. ok so i o to the mechanic shop, he changes the fluid and filter, now it's pouring.

a few days ago ago, a freind topped off the tranny fluid cuz it was low, like right at the tip of the dipstick and i think he may have over filled it. maybe the prob started from there.

ok he's saying the fluid is comming from the computer (or the electronic device) on the left side of the tranny. the tranny shifts fine althought after the oil change, the shifter is very very stiff. the fluid was very clean, oil pan was clean and filter was clean. ok what do i do? do i have to take down the tranny to take out that electronic device or can it be taken out with out removing the tranny?

is there's anyone in the houston area that can help?

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