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Well sure it "recognizes" the clean oil and will extend the oil change out even further (until it runs out on time, in which case your dash warning will show a clock emblem and say something like "Service B due in 30 days", but it also of course it does recognize the miles that have been driven since the service indicator was last reset. The system isn't so smart that the car "knows" that the work was performed, it only "knows" the work was done when the FSS was reset. (And even then, there is no way the car really "knows" if the work was actually done or not, we all hope it was.). It takes alot of info into account when calculating the maintenance interval, but certainly one of the key factors is miles driven. All the other factors besides miles travelled are just minor trims up or down. I can try finding a list of factors taken into account when calculating the maintenance interval.

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