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thanks to Dale and Jim

Thanks a bunch to both of you for your help. I've got the feeling that some if not all of those codes may be a couple months old. I had the wiring harness and the throttle slide replaced (at MB's expense) about 5 months ago. I just got off the phone with my service advisor, and he could not tell me positively or not if the old codes had been cleared when they did the repairs, but did suggest that I check out the battery under a load test. Luckily i have acces to a load tester at the firehouse, and the battery did seem to need replacement. So....I have replaced the battery and cleared all the codes in the system with my little "reader". The ASR light is now out and doesn't come back on at I'm going to keep my fingers crossed and just recheck it in a few weeks......Thanks alot for your help.

BTW-what manual or doc did you guys get the codes list from...I've love to have a copy for future reference.

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