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Originally posted by MARIO FARIAS

I would appreciate to know the codes for 190 E, 2.6L, 1988 and

for 300E, 1988.

Mr. 300EE320 I'm interested in DIY article and pictures.

Mr. ZAFAR, can you help me with the codes?


Mario farias
Unfortunately, your 190E 2.6 and 300E both have the M103 engine with CIS fuel injection.

1993 300E's really should've been badged as E320's, like 1994 and 1995 E320's. These cars have a 3.2 liter M104 engine with a completely different fuel injection system.

Your cars do not have a code reader, and do not store codes.

Also, your cars do not have a throttle actuator. Instead, your cars have an idle control valve.

The good thing, though, is that your cars do not suffer from degrading wiring insulation like 1993-1995 300E (3.2) / E320's.
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