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280 SE Massive Oil Loss

Hello out there,

I was driving my 1972 280 SE 4.5 over the weekend and developed a massive oil leak whereby I had to have the car placed on a flatbed to get home. I got under the car and noticed it dripping on the driver side (LHD), down towards the back of the block, where it meets the transmission. From underneath I can see it coming down from the top of the block, just below the rear of exhaust manifold. Looking down at the engine from under the hood, it's just slightly moist around the back of the manifold. I checked the valve covers and they were fine.

Before I begin to remove the brake booster, manifold and all sorts of clutter, would anyone know if this might be a blown head gasket, or if there is a specific component located on that side of the motor that might have blown a seal?

Thanks you,
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