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Update on my vibration issue

Knowing me, I couldn’t just sit and wait on such a problem. I decided to take advantage of my MB service department was able to look at the car soon yesterday so took in my car. I had planned to take in the car anyway after i found some oil leaks a couple of weeks ago coming from the front lower engine side.. the oil leak looked like it was coming from the oil filter housing, but like with any oil leak it is hard to tell the source after the car had been driven and the oil trace is lost. Oil was dripping from all around the lower oil pan and the upper oil filter housing etc..
So once at the dealer, I told the service advisor about the vibration issue and also asked them to take a look at the leak situation while they are at it... a couple of hours later the service advisor came back and told me they could not duplicate the vibration mainly because the car is not cold anymore... as for the oil leak they have found that the upper valve cover gaskets leaking... they also said their is suspicions that the oil filter housing and the lower oil pan gasket are leaking, but they weren't sure. I changed the lower oil pan few months ago and the gasket was new so i didn't think that was a problem. So thinking logically, I thought it would make sense to start fixing the leak from the top first without having to spend too much $$ and asked the dealer to replace the valve cover gaskets (both R/L) and leave it at that (~$400 job). While they were doing so they also discovered a small vacuum hose with some cracks and they replaced that ($11 no labor!) and picked up the car… so far no hesitation or vibration… I crossed my fingers this morning when I started the car… NO vibration…. So was the vibration caused by the small crack on the hose? Or was it related to a leaky valve cover gasket? Whatever the answer maybe… hopefully that fixed both issues for me: the leak and vibration. Car drives like a champ once again. I’ll let you know if it happens again.
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