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Best friend just gave me a '86 420sel for free

My friend just gave me a 86 402sel in very good condition. It did have a loose chain that was making a rattling noise. My mechanic is fixing it. The car has 120k. While in there fixing the chain, he noticed that the passenger cam shaft had some wear in several of the lobe. He recommended to replace that and replace the cam towers. He showed me the wear on the lobes. Looks like some of them are not rounded smooth, but nearing flat. The cam towers have some groove in them that one can feel. Can a machine shop regrind the cam and polish out the cam tower? What would happen if these are not repair? Poor performance? Burnt valves?

Also, he recommended to install new rockers and lifters. Other things were recommended, ie, new front seal, new injectors, replace all the seals in the intake system. This turning out to be a very expensive job. Other things to fix is a A/C hose that is leaking. Odd and ends are new upper and lower ball joints. New brake pads/?rotors in the rear.

I will have him fix the necessary things like the chain and the chain ramp. Does the cam/cam tower need to be replaced as I described? It sounds like he is trying to renew the engine to its original condition. Also, does the brand of the cam make a difference. He said that he try to use OEM parts, not aftermarket. There is quite a difference in OEM and aftermarket cams in terms of cost. Are the OEMs, ie, Lemforder better?

I want to know what you guys think. I don't want to end up getting taken on this project. Anybody have any experience with these kinds of repairs? Hesaid he wants to do it right the first time instead of skimping on the repairs and have to do it again later.

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