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royally confused

... I called the dealership (again) today to inquire about the o-rings for the heater core this time. Now they have a part number for it and it's $2.50+ for one and I need 2 or 3. But the funny thing is I asked this different person again about the green o-rings and he came up with a part number. And they are also $2.00+ / o-ring.

Question: Is it worth it to get these MBZ part numbered o-rings for both HC and EVAP/exp.valve?? If not , where can I get the heater core rings now? I already have the green rings. I'm just afraid that the non-MBZ part will not last as long as the of-the- counter part or I'm just over reactiing due to this 12 hr. removal time that I have spent on it? Lord knows how long it would take to put it all together..sorry for the gripe

Well, I went ahead and called the person that knows--Phil
And he hooked me UP!!! Thanks Phil

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