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95 S500 coupe low beams? H4?

Picked up the car and drove it home tonight! WOW! This is the best thing I've ever driven! I will post more about it later. I want to ask a quick question. Just double checking. What type are the low beams in it? I want to get HIDs from Everywhere I search it says H4. Can someone confirm this please? It's a 1995.

Is it possible to buy the whole HID headlamp that they used in a 97 model? Or should I just go the cheap way ($400) and put in an H4 HID kit. That's what I did on an Audi I owned before this car. It had H1, beam looked pretty good, but then again it was projector type headlamp, not reflector like 95 s500.

And by the way, do I need to get an dual beam H4 or low beam H4. They have two options.


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