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Re: Car shuts down while driving?

Originally posted by hdon

After this happened 3 separate times, I took it to the shop that normally services the car. They couldn't get the problem to demonstrate while they test drove it, but after looking under the hood recommended a full tune-up, guessing the problem might be caused by worn sparkplugs, etc.
The first thing I'd recommend it to find a new facility that knows how to troubleshoot problems. Six spark plugs will not go bad simultaneously and cause the engine to quit!!! It sounds like you have an intermittent open in the ignition circuit. Start out by wiggling the primary ignition wires and connectors and coil to distributor wire while the engine is running to see if it quits. Also check out the cap and rotor and secondary wiring. Remove all the primary connectors and carfully inspect the pins and receptacles for corrosion or damage. If all the wiring and connectors check out, the coil is suspect. Worse case is the EZL module.

Intermittent problems like this are tough to troubleshoot, but if it happened to your car it has probably happened to other similar models. Maybe someone who has experienced a similar problem can chime in with a hint.

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