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This info is in the MB Service Manual for the 103 engine. I bought one from, which was pretty expensive (like $80, I think) but I would not have tried the cylinder head R&R without it. Later, I bought the complete manual set for the car on CD which included the same manual. I think the CD's were like $150.

The manual does have significant caveats about how you need to push the plunger all the way through and then restart it back through again (to back the adjusment off all the way so it can ratchet back into position), and even goes into painstaking detail how you're supposed to do this in place -- by putting in the outer sleeve into the engine first, then pushing the plunger through that.

Since you said you did the tensioner on your other car, I assume you're familiar with that drill. If not, I would guess it is discussed on this forum somewhere.

Have fun, and if you're going to do a bunch of work on that motor, I highly recommend the MB book, even at $80.
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