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Owners manual discusses both configurations on my '96... different front/back or same front/back. My spare is a 51 mm offset (front) wheel and the tool kit has an extra set of lug bolts in case it has to be put on the rear. (yup, front and rear bolts are different too) If your lug bolts were the same front/back, you don't have the different offset.
Local dealership told me that wheel offset change was done in the '96 model year Coupe for handling purposes but was abandoned later in the model year because of problems when folks rotated their tires... it was more trouble than it was worth.
If you do the measurements, you'll see that all they did was equal out the track width front and back... with the same offset front and back, your Coupe has a narrower track width on the rear than on the front.
Sure seemed like a lot of trouble for little/no gain... but, it was a difference between the '95 and '96 models...
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