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1990 300 te transmission

Any comments on these options are appreciated. Thank you in advance.
The car has 175,000 miles.

Transmission makes slight rubbing noise in reverse. No noise in any forward gear. Two shops have agreed it needs to be rebuilt. One shop (in option 3) changed the filter and fluid hoping it may have been a plugged filter. Filter was OK and very little black
metal residue was found.

1. Buy rebuilt unit from Adsit or Buy mb parts for basically same price of $1650.
including torque convertor. Pay a shop
$500-600 to install the tranny.
Total $2250. 1 yr warentee

2. Have a shop remove the tranny and have it rebuilt at a good local specialty shop here in CT for $1850. Reinstalled
Total $2350+. 1 yr warentee

3. Have a shop pull and rebuild tranny for $1500-2000. Torque convertor not included, as they "usually have no problem" with the convertor. 1 yr warentee.

4. Find some way to get a quality replacement for less. Any thoughts are welcome.
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