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Thank goodness it's back up. I was in cold sweat, I was having terrible withdrawal pains and anxiety. Thanks Bill, and it looks great.

Now to the problem. My 300E is down on power. I moved back and forth between it and the 240D for a few years, and of course, the 300E felt like a rocket ship every time I got out of the 240D into it. Now that I'm going from the new C240 which actually is supposed to have a slower 0 to 60 time, into the 300E, I feel like I'm getting into a diesel. I don't think the power went away over time, I think it may have been that way when I bought it, there again, it felt like a rocket ship compared to the 240D.

The best the car can do is 0 to 60 in 10 seconds flat. The power feels rubbery. The part throttle response is less than I feel it should be, not only full throttle problems here.

I recently did a valve job, and compression is great, engine is in great mechanical shape.

I bought a Bosch Fuel Injection manual that was well recommended and found that the KE3 Jettronic is supposed to have fault codes which can be read via the flashing of the Check Engine light. If I can find out how to do this on the MB application of this system, I can home in on the problem much easier. An error could be present which would indicate that the ignition is completely retarded because of the knock sensor system, the coolant temp sensor could have set an error or some other problems which would show up in the fault codes.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks and have a great day,
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