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I have been having a problem with my '85 300TD stalling.

It stalls very easily when the engine is cold. If the engine is cold and I step on the gas even a little, when I release it (even slowly) it stalls. The rpm's drop too low and it dies. Once the car is warmed up, the engine seems to be able to 'stop' the rpms from dipping too low when I take my foot off the gas. (this all happens while parked)

I have another stalling problem which is probably related. It happens when the car is in gear and stopped or moving slowly. If I hit the gas and quickly release it it stalls.(like in stop and go traffic or I start to pull out into traffic and chicken out and hit the brake)

The car has 200k. Had a recent valve adjustment, new fuel filters, the throttle linkage is lubed, and it has synthetic oil.

Has anyone had similar problems?
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Please help.

Thank you,
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