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Go to www.************************ and look at their exploded parts diagrams for names.

Each side of the front suspension of your car includes an upper control arm with a pair of bushings (making a set) at the pivot end, a lower control arm also with a pair of bushings at the pivot end, a guide rod which attaches to the lower control arm at one end and a bushing at the chassis frame at the other end. There's also a coil spring, sway bar, shock, ball joints, etc. AFAIK, none of the bolts that go through bushings are vertical. The ball joints are set vertically but don't contain any bushings.

If what you need are the lower control arm bushings, it's a pretty hefty job as you need a special spring compressor to collapse and remove the coil spring. It's an in for a penny in for a pound kind of job so you might as well deal with all the bushings and ball joints in the front suspension if you're going that far.

Many folks feel that it's worth a four figure bill to have the front suspension rebuilt by a competent tech.

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