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Lowering suspension on a 230CE

Hi All

Wondering of you could help.
I have a Merc 230CE 1988, mint condition....
I am also now the proud owner of some Flatface AMG's (17 inch)...Have a problem though. Like the 300CE, the car sits very high with the new alloys - which looks a little awkward...

I was wondering what you guys may advise me to do..
I know one option would be to drop the suspension, but this worries me as i live in an area where there are many speed bumbs. This will inevitably cause problems...I know this as i have had this vehical b4 and did lower it by around 35-40 mm...
Anyway, i was also told that changing the suspension cups (rubber cups that sit above springs) may also help. From what i understand, they come in three different sizes...
Just wondering whether anybody had done this b4? Also would this make any real difference? Also how would i check to see what cup size i have at the moment?

Thanks in advance

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