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Fuel Pump I crazy ??

Low mileage fuel pump on '78 280CE...............seized with crud / varnish.........long story, but should have cleaned tank & screen as first item when getting her restarted after 5yrs

Tried 'dead blow' hammer, carby cleaner, alternating 12 volt supply.........everything short of throwing it against a brick wall

I feel it is still electrically ok, as it gives a small 'thunk' when power applied

Have cut open an old pump, so I know where the seals are and how it comes apart

The pressed crimped closure is the biggest hurdle........figured I would make several cuts to short of the seal with a Dremel........peel the flaps back carefully....and hopefully pull the top off without damaging the seal or brushes

Once the top is off...... rotating the armature back & forth by hand should free the pump without pulling it any further to pieces

Should go back together ok......and thought I could close the crimp rim with a clamp (or cable tie at a pinch)

Has anyone else operated on a Fuel Pump ?

Am I crazy to even try ?

Any advice appreciated
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