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California Benz
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I'm sure you have all seen the surface to surface missile launches on the Unimog G wagen topic between myself and others. I got tired of all the cheap shots so deleted the entire topic.
But after talking with Mercedes Benz North America, Brabus and my mechanic I have found what I believe is the correct information on the Unimog Vs G wagen tech specifications but cannot find anywhere on the net the ACTUAL printed specs for the G, only on the Mog.
My mechanic who has been fixing Mercedes in Germany and Poland for over 20 years & works in Redondo Beach at Kazs Motors where we take our MBZs. He said specifically that the G 280 was a five cylinder and that the 6 did not come out until late 80's or so and the towing capacity is the correct printed figure of about 3000 pounds.
Brabus said the very same thing. Of course many G owners wrote and disputed this so I was hoping to get an actual printed chart or excerpt from the manual. Mercedes has been unable to help so far.
Both parties, my mechanic and Brabus said that the Mog will as stated by Forum readers, do about 50mph, highway and laughed at 65mph, both have driven the Mog as they are common over seas. Mechanic said the best A/C option is an RV style system mounted on the roof and running of a generator to let the motor have the power it needs. He said about $1500 to do the install.
I have to wonder if most would agree that the word of these two parties would be more than sufficient to settle the subject over someone that simply likes or owns one G wagen and in SOME cases talks out of complete bias rather than objectivity and realism?
I think we can all agree that a vehicle can tow over a rated capacity but you do so at your own expense and peril. Also, using a winch to pull that weight should not count?
Just for the record again I want to state I absolutely love the G and other than the Mog in pure off road no other vehicle can compete. I drove both the G and the much-touted Land Rover 90 in the Egyptian desert and the Benz obviously is light years ahead in all aspects. By the way, the G out performs the Mog by 10 degrees of slope ascending. I had hoped but gotten no word about the Pinzgauer from anyone who has driven one? The 6x6 most importantly.
Both my neighbor and the mechanics American partner have all agreed to get Mogs at the same time even after I told them (and of course our German mechanic informed us…) that the Mog would be like driving a military track vehicle or a tank. But based on thrash in the California rocky desert and what dent, insurance and scratch repairs would cost on a G, we all agree the Mogs are perfect. We all have dirt bikes so throwing them in the back will be a real cinch. Anyone wishing to provide us with the ending information to end this silly topic would be much appreciated!
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