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I don't know if this would apply or even make any difference, but when we first checked out the 190e for purchase, it had very similar symptoms to Eric's car. Now this car, I should also point out, needed a lot of work: water pump, cap, rotors etc but an MBZ tech recommended bleeding the injectors at the fuel distributor.

Frankly, I was dubious, but I gave it a try. With the engine running, multiple rags to catch the fuel close by, I systematically bled each line at the FD. I was amazed at the amount of crap that came out and how the engine (2.3) settled down and ran much more smoothly. I followed this up with two bottles of Techron Fuel Injector cleaner on less than tank. The car now runs great! I continue to be very pleased with the results. The car idles well hot or cold and accelerates well.

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