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I have not heard of broken springs being a common problem.

Absolutely replace the balljoints and CA bushings. Too much trouble pulling the springs to need to do it again anytime soon, even if bushings are passable.

May want to order up new eccentric bolts. Sometimes they need to be cut off. Could ruin your whole weekend. Dealer does not sell just the bolts. They sell an entire bushing kit with bolts that is brutally expensive.

If you do replace struts, order up accordion boots and bump stops, which are not included. Also consider condition of upper strut mounts. I have found these to be pretty durable first-hand, but a number of folks have reported problems with them wearing out.

I prefer Bilstein HDs.

Special note regarding CA bushings:

If you use a press, you cannot simply press on the face of the bushings. They will not go in regardless of force. They will work against each other. The force must be applied to the metal jacket around the edges. I use 2 iron pipe fittings and a big vise. FSM shows tool with 2 short 'pipes' and a nut and bolt passing through to squeeze bushings together. Also, the flats on the bushings must be oriented in a specific way for front vs. back bushings.

For balljoint, I use a vise, a pipe, and a BFH. Pay attention to the reference mark on the balljoint for proper orientation.

Best of luck.
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