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Thanks for the tips.

Spoke with the mechanic, and he tells me $550 for both springs, including an alignment. Ain't happening.

I was thinking about the upper strut mounts too. Hmmm...

As for the eccentric bolt, I was considering that kit as well. The control arm bushing kit is like $50. I assume that you get both bushings in the kit, making the total $100 for both sides.

As for getting the bushings in/out, I was planning on using a homebrew tool that I used to replace my rear trailing arm bushings on my old W126 (a length of threaded rod, and a bunch of strategically sized nuts/washers/etc). That tool worked like a champ...

Thanks for the reminder on the bump stop and bellows...

I prefer Bilstein Comforts, I just want a stock ride.

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