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buy this 190E?

93 190E, special edition, 2.3, 140K, wants $5900. Original owner, says all maintenance, including 3000-3500 mi oil changes, were done at MB dealer, and should therefore be verifiable. Most of car's life spent in central (inland) FL, last few years coastal CT. No visible rust. Looks very nice, have not driven or arranged for a PPE yet.

Have done searches here, know to look for ACC problems and see if everything works and nothing leaks. Someone (Gilly?) also has a lower opinion of the M102 than of the M103, I believe.

Question is, how many people out there get 200K+ miles out of this motor? I've seen reference to a lot of 102's dying much earlier, but if this one turns out to be as well maintained as the fellow says, is it reasonable to expect a lot more life out of this car?

Price - highest private party price I could coax out of Kelly's was about $4500, so I reckon there is work to do here as well. NADA retail prices get as high as $6500

Any thoughts?
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