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It is actually very simple, with one big caution: You are dealing with raw fuel, so be sure and take all appropriate safety precautions-

Remove the air cleaner to gain access to the fuel distributor.

Start engine and crack open the fuel injection line, one at a time going to the fuel injector, AT the fuel distributor, not at the injector.

The engine idle will fall, when closed and no longer "bleeding" the idle will rise again.

Do this several times for each line at the fuel distributor.

Have rags around, below etc to catch the raw fuel. It doesn't take a lot of bleeding, just a purging if you will. Often more or less the amount of a thimble or so.

You should see some nasty gunk coming out from just cracking the line and letting bleed, if there is any accumulation there.

On the 190e it kind of looked like a little bit of liquid mud. The engine instantly responded after doing this.

Hope this helps,


PS - Have you checked your idle control valve and especially the rubber connections to it? These often get brittle and unpliable allowing air in.

The idle control valve often gets very gunked up and needs to be cleaned out with carb cleaner and/or replaced.
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