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Steering Shock Replacement?

Can anyone tell me how difficult this would be on a 98 S500? Dealer quoted me at .3 hrs of labor and $73 for the part. I would like to attempt this myself, but would like to know how difficult it is.


I just took the car in leaking power steering fluid and the dealer diagnosed the following:

Upper control arms $639
Lower Ball Joints $512
Steering Shock $99
Steering Box $1842
Alignment $153

Total $3439

Thankfully I have a warranty. However, their inspector said I only need the left upper control arm and right lower ball joint. The steering shock is not covered and they will only pay for a rebuilt steering box. The kicker, though, they will not pay for a full alignment, just a toe in/out adjustment!

I guess this is what happens when the stealership tries to take advantage of the warranty company and the warranty company tries to rob the consumer.
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