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Originally posted by Phalcon51

Where are you getting the diagrams you use in your posts? I own 3 different W124 manuals and the Service CD's and I haven't seen these diagrams in any of them.


Yes, no offense to our sponsor, but I do find the online performance products diagrams very helpful in discussions here.
Actually, their old site was even better, since it had an exact copy of the drawings in their catalog, covering more items. Old site was slow and unreliable though.

The service CDs in particular have awful drawings. No context at all. I swear MB just likes to leave us in the dark. The most useful manual I have for the 300E is actually a 'Parts Identification Manual'. Nothing but drawings (not even a brief description for each part) , but at least you can see how bits go together. Also you can fax (or scan) a copy of a page to Phil so that he knows what the hell you are talking about.

I recently rebuilt my manual shifter mechanism, and there was absolutely NO WAY I could have done it without this book as a guide! Best $40 I have spent on my MB.

Link to "1986-89 124 Parts Identification Manual" at
1986 300E 5-Speed 240k mi.
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