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Dont count on getting a history report from the dealer. I just bought a pristine 92 190E 2.6 with 129,000 miles on it for $4900. 2nd Owner had all paperwork to show that the car was serviced at the dealership up to 85,000 miles. I went to the same dealership to get a history report but they purge their system ever 6 months so I had no luck. Also, Mercedes dealers are not link to each other to track maintenance...something they should learn from Volkswagon who does a good job of that. KBB said mine was worth $5100, NADA says up to $7500, and my bank said they would loan me up to $8700 for the car. Bottom line is that if the car is as nice as you say and everything works (check A/C, heater, cruise control, Climate control to make sure the buttons work, the brakes and seat controls). Check Ebay, lots of people are selling the same car on Ebay for excellent prices...some within 200-400 mile drive of you. Hope this helps.

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