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I just changed my drag link and posted here:

W124 Drag link aka steering rod Easy DIY

The rods are easy. The center one comes off best with the lever type because there is not much access from above. The right and left have good access from below so a typical puller will work well.

Steering damper just bolts on and off.

Although you can buy the tie rod ends seperately, i.e. 2 for the right and 2 for the left, the cost is almost the same as the whole unit, so just buy the whole thing. They just unscrew. The ends on the drag link are fixed.

Check the steering damper. It should be fine if it has no flat spots when you pull it apart or compress it.

No special tool needed to put the rods back on, they just bolt on. The hard part would be estimating the spec of 35 nm torque.

1991 300CE
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