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oil pressure question - '65 250S Gas

heyya all,
got myself a '65 250S I'm starting to work on - it's in pretty good shape but there are a few things I need to work on.
First thing I want to resolve. The oil pressure seems high. The gauge max's out @40 pretty much all the time. The only time it drops down is after the car been run for awhile & then it will drop down to ~32 when the car is in gear and in low idle (ie at a stop sign). Any ideas on where I should start looking to resolve? Or is ther anything to resolve? I have done a complete oil flush and cleaned all the goop from the bottom of the oil pan. It was dirty but no "red flag" foreign material. It is a GA 230 automatic tranny and that is next on the list for a flush, new filter & fluid.

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