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Thank you very much for taking the trouble to confirm, Gilly.

I think I may have a partially clogged CAT coz ever since the FD swap, I have a slight hesitation on acceleration.

What are the symptoms of a clogged CAT?Are they obvious?I know of the sulphur/rotten eggs smell, which I do not have on my car.

Also, there is a tiny hole in the muffler.

When I accelerate hard to overcome the slight hesitation, the exhaust sounds like there's water in it.If I ease off the pedal, the sound subsides.

If I gradually accelerate, the car hesitates slightly and then after 1200rpm, it's like a slingshot effect.

I don't know if this "watery sound" thing is due to the hole in the muffler or whether it's an attribute of a foiling CAT.

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