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W124 Suspension Rebuild

I'm going to be replacing the rear suspension links in the near future on my 86 300E. I understand that there is a kit available that includes all three links plus the tie rod for each side plus some bolt kits and bushings. I've got a few questions on the job before I jump into it, though.

1) Can all of the links and tie rods be replaced with the subframe in place and without having to remove the rear springs?

2) Can they all be taken off before replacing them, or should I do one link at a time?

3) Are there any eccentric or adjustable bolts that I need to mark before I loosen them? I believe my car was manufactured in 3/86 if it makes a difference.

4) I'm going to install a Sportline kit in the near future as well. Are any of the susp. link kit pieces duplicated in the Sportline kit?

5) Where do the bushings go that come with the kit? Do I need a special tool to remove or install them?

6) Is the bolt kit simply to replace old bolts and nuts, or to update them? Which links does it cover?

7) Does anyone know of a DIY page on rebuilding the W124 front or rear suspension, or do I have to make my own?

Many thanks once again, this forum is the best!

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