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I did some reading, and somewhere it said in park or
neutral trans position, there is a ground circuit that has to be there for
proper engine idle operation. I find my car will start in any gear!! Where is
the switch for the park/neutral position? Also, I find a little vacuum line
broken that comes from the pcv hose on top of the engine ( this black rubber
hose has a little manifold to adapt to the little hose size and goes from
the valve cover to the air cleaner cover) and runs down to around the "carb"
area. I would suppose this may have something to do with idle speed too?
Also, I checked the over voltage relay and it appears to be ok, and the fuse
is ok. I pulled the conn block of of the cis unit and checked the voltage
there according to my manual. Voltages there appear normal so far. Is all
this a big problem or can I dig in and do it myself?

Ron Miller

1986 300E
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