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Originally posted by euronatura
but I ahve seen that the quality of the gasoline here is most likely damageing the cat.

How is the "quality of the gasoline" damaging the catalyst. Is unleaded fuel unavailable?

Consider that the cat system is stainless steel and if your engine has the pre-cats just below the manifold you will have to cut both the precats and primary catalyst off and replace them with stainless steel pipe sections of a compatible alloy and have them MIG welded in to place.

So where are you going to find the correct materials and skilled labor to have this work done in a third world country?

The catalysts cost very little in power, but they are part of the muffler system, so no cats will make the car louder and could create some unpleasant resonances.

Ever heard the term: "If it works, don't FIX it."

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