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[QUOTE]Originally posted by cc260E
Sixto, muy car is getting old but is still fantastic and I am lnterested to know if it is possible to adjust the play in the steering box (260E, 1988) and how to do it?
If the W124 is like the W126, on the top of your steering box there should be a set screw with a lock nut. Loosen the lock nut and give the set screw a small turn CCW. It's CCW to increase internal friction (reduces play). The right way to do this is on a bench and a friction measuring tool that's something of a torque wrench and the appropriate specs. Mortals give the set screw little turns and drive it for a while to get a feel then repeat if necessary. If you go to far, you risk... rather, will wear out the internal components quickly and permanently.

On my W140 the set screw is coaxial with the pitman arm shaft but I think the procedure is the same.

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