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Unleaded gas here (Guatemala) is available but not that great. For Example Shell V Power has had various recalls in the past months due to poor production and making all vehicles stall/not start when filled their gas.

As for this current question/possible problem, the reason being I had left the wife drive the car for the past year and recently just got in it and noticed various things wrong with the car. (A/C not right and I feal it is a tad slugish) The sluggish could be due to the tires since they are 205 -60 R15. Way too big for the car but when tires purchased - where the only ones that I could find on the local market in R15 that had very good wet traction. *when it rains it purs here) But these are to be changed by month's end since ordered tires should be arriving and dry season, no rain, starts.

Few of the problems with the vehicle has been due to the fact that the shop where my wife took it, would jerry-rig everything instead of fixing the problem at the source.

Therefore, I am taking the time and trouble to get the car upto tip top shape. (first step, took the car away from the wife and gave her mine) And since that I am now going to drive it on daily basis, I want it to last at least another 100k miles. It currently has 150K on the engine. (I bought it used 10 years ago with 50K on the engine when I lived in the states - and the paint and interior are in excellent shape and the car has never had a dent on it)

As for finding the qualified personnel and materials, funny that is not that hard here for this particular job. Given, as I mentioned, that they like jerry-rigging or resolving problems instead of fixing them. And something like removing Cat. Converters is an everyday thing here given the quantity of used cars from the states that are brought here and given the level of income it is much cheaper to remove the old cats. instead of replaceing them. I just wanted to make certain that it would not cause any secondary problems.

Thanks for your input.
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