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Thanks guys for the replies greatly appreciated.
Here is the problem: 10 days ago my alternator seized up so I had it rebuilt, however it was not a complete rebuild just partial (the guy said he changed the bearing and the brushes. A week later it stopped charging and yes the charging light did not come on so I did run the battery down trying to make it to the mechanic. They rebuilt the alternator again this time changing most everything inside.

Here are the charging values:
in the morning with cold engine (high idle): 13.90 volts
after an hour or so driving no load (idle): 13.5 volts
with the headlights on (idle): 12.7 volts
with the heater on (idle): 12.35 volts
When I rev it with load on: 13.15 volts

The voltage in the battery, cold before the morning start, was about 12.5 volts during cranking went down to between 10.98 and 11.3 or so.
I am planning on replacing the battery anyway because it did die completely in the summer, even though it is only a year old, (showed 0 voltage after I disconnected it for two weeks, I was on vacation) however the alternator should still have higher output. Since the brushes, the regulator and the stater is new I am not sure where the problem is.
In any case it is probably a good lesson to have your parts rebuild by a reputable electric shop. Sorry for the long post. Thanks for the help.

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