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That problem could just be so many things. I guess the airflow sensor plate wouldn't really "jump out" at me first, but sure I suppose it could be. Unless someone has messed with it, i would think in terms of a "bad" position sensor though, not the adjustment. If that thing is off too much the engine will just die, as in quit.

Without my own test drive, it's hard for me to judge, but in general my gut reacton would be to start with checking the plugs (wear, type, gap) and the cap and rotor, maybe check cam timing. I assume the basics like this have been covered already, but I don't really know that for sure. What about air and fuel filters? Has a fuel pressure and quantity test been done? What about fuel quality and octane? I'd hate to start recommending "shotgunning" any kind of sensor in it without knowing the basics. Folks get in more trouble with these MB's by jumping into some suspected "sensor" or something like that, and not even bothering with the basics. Try pulling the fuse out of the OVP and see if it does the same thing. The engine will RUN with the air flow meter not even working, so if you pull the OVP fuse it's running without even the control module, much less the air flow sensor, so if it still does it in that condition, it tells you something kind of basic is wrong.

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