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Hi Steve,
Thanks for the info!!!
Yes, I already tapped on the air flow plate and the engine either cuts out or runs poor with a millimeter or more of actuation. I tested the O2 sensor today. the heater voltage and filliment seem to be present however the O2 voltage output is only a few millivolts I am assuming the sensor is toast considering it is supposed to put out between 0.5 and 1.0 at normal operating temps. Would This analysis be correct??? If so, Why are my not getting a 50% duty cycle reading if it is bad? Could the abrupt failing of the O2 sensor been caused by running at a rich mixture for two years and then setting it back to normal operation? BTW, I have a hard cold start,, about 2-3 seconds on the key before ignition,, would a bad O2 sensor cause this condition???

Thanks a lot for everyones "free" help here! It is appreciated vemuch. I would pay a subscription fee if there was one. I do try to donate the knowlege that I have gained to other members though.

Thanks Again!
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