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car was towed to shop.
they pulled codes and there were 16 of them. starting from code 59 upwards.

reset and cleared codes. car Wont shift out of 1st.
scanned codes and now 23 of them.

they pulled of the pan and noticed very, very fine pieces of metal.

after checking all the search items on this board relating to this topic i am not sure what to do next.
the shop is saying it needs a rebuilt.....?

before i do this is there anything else i can do?

i was thinking along the following lines as suggested on other posts:

1) replace the at wiring harness plug adaptor as i know the plug was wet with atf.

2)replace conductor plate and speed sensors.

3)OR clean the above components and reset the codes?

the shop says if the conductor plate is replaced the computor has to as well?


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