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103 Mixture Question

Hi Guys,

I have a 89 300e w/ 3.0L I am having a problem when it warms up, when cold it fires right up first time, I can put in in gear and it idles fine, However when it gets up to temp, it will idle if out of gear, but if put in gear it dies right out. I tried to adjust the mixture on the fuel dist but no luck, when I hook up my DMM I get 70% when cold, goes to 50% then when it gets to closed loop, it pegs to 92.4. I cant seem to adjust it no matter how much I try. Any ideas where or what I should look next? Any help would be appreciated.

89 300e 275,000
87 260e 265,000
72 Datsun 240z
70 Datsun 240z
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