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stevebfl - Upshift delay adjustments

For Steve Brotherton or anyone else. The car is a 1995 C280. I have determined that the vacuum element on the control cable is leaking (therfore no upshift delay and Code P1 700). In a past thread Steve Brotherton advised against a DIY replacement of the cable/vacuum element because the cable needs to be connected inside the transmission and the cable and vacuum element need to be adjusted after installation. I have three questions:

1) How is the connection inside the transmission made? I appears the valve body would have to be removed to do anything inside the transmission. If I remember correctly, the control cable (no vacuum element and earlier transmission, I know) on my '88 300TE could be connected from outside the transmission. I think the cable had some sort of hook that mated with the link from inside the transmission. Could this unit be similar? One thing is certain - there is very little room to work on the C Class.

2) In the past the basic cable adjustment used to be to set the length "free of tension". Is this similar?

3) I assume the upshift adjustment is the nylon socket head screw on the element. What is the criteria for adjustment? I assume it would be to hold the upshift to a certain RPM when cold. What direction should one turn the screw to raise or lower the adjustment?

Thanks in advance.
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